the disappearance of smart design in architecture in Tokyo

At about mid-century in Japan there was a flood of smart, even what we know of today as green design. It is now disappearing. Lots are being swept up by developers and the land quartered into very small lots to build ugly houses with horrible design sold at expensive prices. What makes them poorly designed? 1 no outdoor space to speak of. The houses use extremely ugly materials because they are cheap. Inside the houses they are divided up into tiny rooms with no though to flow or access to the outside world. They are citadels.

It wasn’t so at one time and a recent score I made in a “gojiyu box” or take freely box supplied me with even more evidence to this fact. I found several old architecture magazines. Now most of the designs look predominantly Scandinavian in nature with a touch of Japanese style added in. The point is the houses were designed for living not just for crashing for a few hours at night.

Soon  I will be adding  examples of poor design and maybe some real life examples of these older homes that are still around.


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