I feature my finds, my point of view, my perspective as a resident in Tokyo for over 10 years. Its not the trendy stuff you will see everywhere else I hope. It is how real people live and what I see as "good" design. Design that functions well and is pleasing in some way to me. I don't care what so called designers say. This is design on the street. Its used a lot of times old and hopefully affordable. Its what I see.

Wedge house

Wedge house Japan

Tear down

interesting Japanese buldings This is a site devoted to buildings that don’t quite make it as world heritage sites but they have significant cultural value to the people connected to them- Some friends of mine made the character for the site.

Asagaya juutaku terrace houses

Some photos of Asagaya juutaku And housing project built during the 50’s

50’s -60’s Terrace house

this is an example of a mid 50’s -60’s terrace house. The link below will take you to a tokyo real estate site that deal in unique apartments and houses for rent and sale. There is an area called Asagaya juutaku near my house that has similar dwellings. They ar slated for┬ádemolition. I will be … Continue reading

the disappearance of smart design in architecture in Tokyo

At about mid-century in Japan there was a flood of smart, even what we know of today as green design. It is now disappearing. Lots are being swept up by developers and the land quartered into very small lots to build ugly houses with horrible design sold at expensive prices. What makes them poorly designed? … Continue reading